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Discovery Family Health - Your neighbourhood doctor’s office.


At Discovery, we are dedicated to your health and well-being.


By becoming a patient of a North York Family Health Team you will have access to:


- Family Physicians

- Registered nurse

- Dieticians

- Social worker

- Chiropody

- Smoking cessation program

- Diabetic counselling

- Other visiting specialists

Discovery Family Health offers:

- Obstetrical Care

- Flu shot clinic (seasonal)


Do you have questions about covid-19?


Don't delay - complete your fit kit today!

Family Doctor accepting new obstetrical patients!

Please visit for more detailed answers on questions such as:


- I'm not feeling well. How do I know if I have COVID? What should I do?

- I think I have COVID. When should I call my doctor?

- Do I need a COVID PCR test?

- When should I use a Rapid Antigen Test?

- I've been in close contact with someone who has COVID. What should I do?

- I'm worried about the new variant. What do I need to know?


Sign up for health myself!

Provides secure online communication & appointment reminders.

Please ensure reception has your correct email address to receive your invitation.

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